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In trying to find the most profitable opportunities in the crypto space for our readers, we found an IOTA price prediction that shows gains of 316.66% by the end of 2018.

IOTA price prediction

TheIOTA (MIOTA) cryptocurrencystands apart from other digital coins because it is focusing on becoming the backbone of the "Internet of Things" (IoT).

Creators of the IOTA system want to be a trusted conduit for the flow of IoT data by helping connect devices through IOTA's encrypted network.

Clayton Daniel, a fintech investor, believes the price of IOTA will reach $5 by the end of 2018, which is a gain of more than 300% from the price of $1.26 on March 26.

But this forecast could be too conservative, since IOTA's involvement with IoT could produce much higher gains.

Here are some of the reasons why IOTA is not like any other cryptocurrency, and why this price prediction has some real potential…

There are currently more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies , so only the ones that stand out above the others will survive and even have a chance at substantial gains.

IOTA meets the requirements of a strong contender based on its team, which is backed by exceptional experience, knowledge, and diversity.

IOTA was founded in 2015 in Germany by David Sonstebo, Sergey Ivancheglo, Dominik Schiener, and Sergeui Popov.

The code for IOTA was written from scratch, which sets it apart from other crypto teams, who tend to copy the code from a successful coin and make tweaks.

The key to IOTA is that it was specifically designed as a tool for IoT, which means that it also has to have ironclad security, zero transaction fees, and unlimited scalability.

These feats have been largely accomplished through IOTA's data structure, which is called the "Tangle"…

If you own Bitcoin, you're probably familiar with how blockchain technology confirms and verifies each transaction on the network.

The Tangle serves the same purpose for the IOTA cryptocurrency, but it is completely unique in that it doesn't sequentially build on prior blocks of transaction data.

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Little Havana, Miami

Isn’t just me that can’t get that song out of my head is it…? We have been back in our home town for almost a month now and have really enjoyed the little bit of winter we got left. That being said, seeing the snow melt while looking back at photos of our time in Miami is odly satisfying, as I can’t wait to be singing that Camila Cabello ear worm again soon in a more appropriate and less ironic climate.

There’s nothing quite like a Montreal summer. It’s like the city comes alive again, and it’s inhabitants never take a moment for granted, much like in G.O.T, they know winter is always coming, and for us it lasts 8 months out of the year. We might not get visits from White Walkers, but some of us just full out turn into the Night King by the time January comes around. It’s crazy how climate can take a toll on not only your physical state but your emotional wellbeing as well. As Canadians, we all know the cabin fever and pale skin blues that overwhelm us during the colder months, and I’ve always attributed it to the weather. Funnily enough, having skipped Winter this year to migrate to Miami actually had a similar effect. There’s nothing quite as depressing as spending so many hours indoors working on a screen while looking out at a beautiful sunny day you’re not taking advantage of.

That being said, why is the FOMO always so real no matter where you are. Here I am sitting in our Montreal home that I had been longing to return to for so long, and yet am dreaming of being back in the warm streets of Miami again…This introspective study on what it is a girl wants weather-wise is giving me all kind of Carrie Bradshaw feelings. “And I couldn’t help but ask myself, is the grass truly always greener on the other side…”or should I say the weather always sounds better wherever you’re not. What can I say…Half of my heart is in “little” Havana, ooh-na-na .

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Walt Disney World, Florida

Happy International Women’s day to all the wonderful readers and supporters that have allowed be to pursue my dreams these past years. Let’s be real, the vast majority of you are girls, women, and some of you are a little in between just like me. It’s thanks to you that I have been able to live through my passions and do what a love everyday and for that I’m eternally thankful. I’ve been thinking lately, why have these narratives pinning women against one another existed since the beginning of time. Are we to blame?..and I came to the conclusion that maybe we are a little, sometimes even without realizing it.

Now, let’s imagine that we want to track the mouse position in another component as well. Can we reuse any of the code from our <App> ?

In the createClass paradigm, the problem of code reuse was solved using a technique called “mixins”. Let’s create a MouseMixin that anyone can use to track the mouse position.

Problem solved, right?! Now anyone can simply “mix in” MouseMixin to their component class to get the x and y of the mouse in this.state !

Then last year, arrived and ultimately the React team decided to move away from using createClass to use them instead. It was a wise decision. Who wants to maintain their own class model when JavaScript already has one built-in?

But there was a problem: ES6 classes don’t support mixins . Also, besides the fact they aren’t part of the ES6 class spec, mixins have other shortcomings too, many of which discussed at length in a post on the React blog .

ES6 classes don’t support mixins

To summarize, problems with mixins are:

ES6 classes Indirection Naming collisions

So instead of using mixins, many in the React community eventually settled on an alternative technique for code reuse known as nike air max 1 ultra moire challenge red / summit white
, or HOCs. In this paradigm, code is shared using a similar technique to nike flyknit roshe run light greynavy
; you start with the component that defines the bulk of the markup to be rendered and then wrap it in more components that contain the behavior you’d like to share. Instead of mixing in the behavior you need, you can just decorate your component! 😎


It was a good solution that solved the problem of code reuse elegantly in the brave new world of ES6 classes, and the community adopted it in droves.

At this point I’d like to stop and ask: what did we gain by moving to higher-order components? Did we solve any of the problems we had with mixins?

Let’s see:

Another problem that both mixins and HOCs share is that they use static composition instead of dynamic composition . Ask yourself: where is the composition happening in the HOC paradigm? Static composition happens once, when the component class is created (e.g. AppWithMouse in the previous example).

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