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Marena is the global leader in comfortable, medical-grade compression garments. We collaborate with researchers and conduct continual clinical testing to bring innovation to our products, ensuring optimal results for our customers.

Since 1994, we have designed and manufactured our clinically proven Marena Recovery, Marena Shape, and Marena Sport product lines in theUSA.

Marena's patented 4-way stretch fabric ensures a comfortable fit and superior medical-grade compression. Our garments last longer and retain their shape, staying softer and more comfortable through extended wear.

Marena brands are ISO certified and made in the USA with our exclusive patented fabric.

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Medical-grade compression garments designed for post-surgery recovery and health benefits at each step of your healingjourney.

Compression shapewear made to wear under clothes, adding health benefits of compression to your everydaywardrobe.

The only medical-grade compression activewear brand, created to boost your workout performance with added support for muscles andjoints.

The Marena Group was founded on the principal of giving back. We are committed to transforming lives through science, innovation and collaborations. Our company actively supports local and national programs as well as breast cancer and lymphedema research.

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Patricia Royak, COO of Marena and Rebecca Cowens-Alvarado, Executive Director of TurningPoint Breast Cancer Rehabilitation share with The Dana Barrett Show, their aligning mission to help breast cancer survivors at each step of their journey from surgery to a lifetime of wellness. Together they make recovery easier and The Pink Affair is how everyone can make that difference in Atlanta,Metro.

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On March 24, nike air jordan xv 15 bell
event in Atlanta, Georgia. All funds raised during the event will support breast cancer survivors from all over the country who rely on TurningPoint services to improve their rehabilitation after breast reconstruction surgery.


Marena garments were originally designed and developed to heal an Olympic cyclist as a method of recovery from an injury in training. The recovery results were phenomenal and led to the passionate belief that medical-grade compression could provide faster, better healing for multiple types of recovery.

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Rainbow Bridge

Happy Ending Rescues


Enter your zip code in the search bar and click “Find Locations”. The map will populate with rescuers who are located in your area. Along with the red balloons that appear, a list of names will also appear below the map. To access a rescuers contact information, either click on a name in the list or click on a red balloon. NOTE: If no information appears in your search, it may be necessary to expand your search to 100+ miles. You can also use the ANIMAL HELP NOW app to find a rescuer. Also note – it is still important to call the closest rescuer to you even though they might be some distance away because they may have a network of volunteers who are located closer but who are not yet included on this map. PLEASE ALSO SEE TEMPORARY CARE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW THE MAP.


PROVIDING TEMPORARY CARE: DO NOT handle a bat with bare hands, and do not attempt to rehabilitate the bat on your own. To do so could jeopardize your safely as well as the life of the bat. Please also read the information below to provide temporary care for the bat until help is obtained.Line a box with an old t-shirt so the bat has something to hang upside-down on. Create some pleats in the shirt so the bat can hide if it wants to. (Make sure any tape that is used is secured well so the bat won't get stuck.) Put a small amount of water in a small, shallow container like a baby food jar lid (as seen in the video below). DO NOT provide any type of food whatsoever - to do so will cause organ failure to critically dehydrated bats. Make sure a top is secured to the box as some bats can squeeze through a crack as thin as 1/2"! If you must handle the bat please remember to wear thick gloves (even though rabies is rare in bats, if it bites you it will need to be euthanized and tested). Until help is located, keep the box in a room where the bat won't get too warm or too cold. and keep the bat away from children and pets.


(Video compliments of Susan Brashear)

If you don’t have Terrarium Tv installed on Android or on PC/Laptop. You can see the guide to get cheap nike free run 2 black and white buffalo

To add subtitles on Terrarium TV video using MX Player, follow these easy steps:

1. Play the video with MX Player by choosing Play With option. You can also select the MX Player as default player from Settings.

2. When the video is being played on MX Player, go to three dots option at top right > Online Subtitles > Search > Select Ok. There are chances that you get subtitles online but if you don’t find online subtitles, try another option.

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See Also:

3. Search on google and download the subtitle file (mostly .srtfile). Once it gets downloaded, go to MX Player Subtitlesoption > Open > fetch the downloaded .srt file and select that file.

4. Subtitles have now been added. Enjoy. If subtitles do not sync, you can use subtitle Synchronization option to match video frame with subtitles.

If you are using Terrarium TV app on Windows PC/Laptop, you can use VLC Media Player to stream movies/tv shows. VLC media player also allows you to add custom subtitles. All you need is to download subtitle file and add it to VLC Media Player. See the guide to get air jordan xi win like 96 stockxbank

If you don’t have VLC Media player installed on PC/Laptop, you can download it from .

To add subtitles on VLC Media Player, follow these steps:

1. Download the subtitle file and play the Terrarium Tv video on VLC media player.

2. On the VLC Media Player, go to subtitle option from the Menu and click on Add Subtitle File.

3. Fetch the downloaded subtitle file and add it.

The latest Terrarium TV app version 1.9.7 is now available to download. You can download latest Terrarium TV 1.9.7.

The new Terrarium tv app has update its feature of subtitles. The terrarium TV app now switch to alternate subtitles provider of one doesn’t work. The terrarium tv app uses to download the subtitles of each video. If you didn’t find accurate subtitles for the video, you can change the subtitles provider from the top.

Here is what you need to do. In the option, you need to select Play With Subtitles. After that, terrarium tv will search for subtitles of that video and will show you the list of available subtitles for your video. You can choose any of subtitles. If you didn’t find the appropriate subs file, change the subtitles provider from the top.


WP Photo Sphere is a filter that allows you to display 360×180 degree panoramas. With WP Photo Sphere, your visitors will be able to navigate through your panoramas without install any plugin.

WP Photo Sphere is based on the JavaScript library Photo Sphere Viewer .

This plugin allows you to display equirectangular panoramas, taken with a classic camera or with Photo Sphere on Android and iOS.

If you want to contact me for any reason, feel free to email me at or contact me on:

WP Photo Sphere is available in:

Use the Add a panorama button to upload or choose a panorama to insert into your post.

Since version 3.1, it is possible to read a distant panorama located on another website thanks to its URL. To do that, do not indicate any ID number and use the url attribute. Note that this feature does not work with domains that did not enable CORS. For example: [sphere url=""] .

The default title displayed on each WP Photo Sphere link can be changed in the options page. You can also choose to display an unique title for a specific panorama by using the title attribute. Note that the %title% tag is also available in this attribute.

By default, the dimensions are 560 x 315 pixels but you can change that in the options page (in the Settings menu).

You can also choose different dimensions for each panorama using the width and height attributes. For example: [sphere 42 width="200" height="400"] or [sphere 42 width="50%" height="300"] .

A maximum width can also be given with the attribute max_width. Its default value can be changed in the options page.

The navigation bar allows users to zoom, animate the panorama or view it in fullscreen. To display it, just use the navbar attribute with the value yes : [sphere 42 navbar="yes"] .

You can choose to display it (or not) on all of your panoramas in the options page. If you display it on all of your panoramas and want to deactivate it on one particular panorama, use the navbar attribute with the value no .

By default, panoramas are automatically animated after 2000 milliseconds, but you can change this with the anim_after attribute. You can also deactivate the animation with the value -1. For example: [sphere 42 anim_after=»5000″] or [sphere 42 anim_after="-1"] .

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