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But wait, there’s more .

there’s more

This formula is running in the administrator’s browser under their user account and security context. And this is Google Sheets - Sheets are not limited to just their own data, in fact they can pull in data from other spreadsheets that the user has access to. All that an attacker has to know is the other sheet’s id. That information isn’t usually considered secret; it appears in the spreadsheet urls, and will often be accidentally emailed, or posted in intra-company documentation, relying on Google’s security to ensure only authorized users access that data.

So hey, it’s not just your issue/time sheet/whatever data that’s getting exfiltrated. Keep client lists or wage info in a separate spreadsheet that your admin has access to? That info might be getting sucked up as well! All silently, and without anyone knowing anything about it. Yikes!

Of course a similar trick works perfectly well in Excel. In fact, the ability for Excel to act as a beacon in this manner air jordan 1 new colorways

But it doesn’t have to be.

I’ve shown this to various security researchers who’ve pointed out all sorts of nasty uses. For example a criminal who plants messages in their own communications that would beacon a server that they control. That way, if a reseracher working on a secret warrant is to view their communication in a spreadsheet, a beacon goes out and the criminal has a canary effectively tipping them off that someone is snooping.

Not ideal.

So who’s fault is all of this anyways?

Well it’s not the CSV format’s. The format itself couldn’t be more clear that automatically executing anything that “looks like a formula” is not an intended usage. The bug therefore lies in popular Spreadsheet programs for doing the exact wrong thing. Of course Google Sheets must maintain feature parity with Excel, and Excel must support millions of complex spreadsheets already in existance. Also - I’m not going to research this but - even odds that Excel behavior came from something ancient like Lotus 1-2-3. Getting all spreadsheet programs to change this behavior at this point is a pretty big mountain to conquer. I suppose that it’s everyone else that must change.

I did report this to Google as a vulnerability in their Sheets product. They agreed to it, but claimed to already be aware. While I'm sure they understand it is a vulnerability, I got the distinct impression that they had not really pondered how badly this could be abused in practice. Google Sheets should at least issue a warning when a CSV import is about to preform an external request.

Yi-Jan Huang et al. Phys. Rev. A 97 , 032516 (2018)

The ground-state physics of strongly interacting bosonic particles on a hexagonal two-leg ladder geometry is studied with a single-component Haldane model, where an unconventional vortex-lattice phase is found to emerge even for hard-core interactions.

S. Greschner and F. Heidrich-Meisner Phys. Rev. A 97 , 033619 (2018)

A recipe to construct bound entangled states, i.e., entangled in a way that cannot be distilled, is presented. Contrary to known previous examples, the proposed method leads to states with a simpler structure, considered as generalizations of the well-known states, which may, therefore, be more attractive for experimental investigations.

Enrico Sindici and Marco Piani Phys. Rev. A 97 , 032319 (2018)

The use of optical nonlinearities to implement quantum logical gates at the single-photon level is analytically investigated. A thorough discussion on why previous no-go arguments may not hold is presented.

Balakrishnan Viswanathan and Julio Gea-Banacloche air jordan sweater 7 release date

Vol. 97, Iss. 4 — April 2018

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As a service to the community, APS has made “Physics Physique физика” freely available online. This small journal published fewer than 100 articles between 1964-1968 and includes papers by many notable physicists, including J. S. Bell’s paper “On the Einstein Podolsky Rosen paradox.”

The Physical Review journals and Reviews of Modern Physics now make Corrections of minor errors in published papers.

Together with the conference organizers, the editors of the Physical Review Journals are pleased to announce a special symposium of invited talks at Metamaterials 2018 , highlighting some of the latest works within and beyond the traditional domain of metamaterials research.

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ISSN 2469-9934 (online), 2469-9926 (print). ©2018 nike air force 1 lv8 low white python gun for sale
All rights reserved. Physical Review A™ is a trademark of the American Physical Society, registered in the United States, Canada, European Union, and Japan. The APS Physics logo and Physics logo are trademarks of the American Physical Society. Information about registration may be found . Use of the American Physical Society websites and journals implies that the user has read and agrees to our carolina blue nike free tennis shoes
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The Ronald M. Hubbs Microfilm Room contains all microform materials including:

Ronald M. Hubbs Microfilm Room

MNHS holds the largest single collection of Minnesota newspapers with dates ranging from 1849 to the present day . These newspapers have been microfilmed and are available at the library. The collection includes daily and weekly Minnesota newspapers , as well as non-English-language, labor, ethnic, reservation, legal, prison, religious, political, school, and other special-interest papers.

1849 to the present day daily and weekly Minnesota newspapers

Several indices to Minnesota newspapers can be found in the Hubbs Microfilm Room, including:

Staff at the Hubbs Reference Desk can assist you with finding items on microfilm and using the microfilm readers and printers.

Hubbs Reference Desk

The Hubbs Microfilm room also has the Family History Help Desk which is staffed by trained family history volunteers. The volunteers can help beginning family historians get a good start on their family history or consult with veteran researchers who have encountered problems in their search.

Family History Help Desk

The Family History Help Desks are staffed at various times during the week as well as Tuesday evenings. Call 651-259-3300 to check on the current schedule.

Microfilm materials are accessed with self-service microfilm readers and reader-printers .

self-service microfilm readers and reader-printers

The cost to print is $0.35 per photocopy from a microfilm. To print from microfilm, you may purchase a copy card at Copy Services .

$0.35 per photocopy

A microfilm digital scanner is also available. Images may be printed or saved to a flash drive. Prints or scans are also $0.35 each. You may reserve the scanner for 2 hours by asking the Hubbs staff or calling the Library at 651-259-3300.

$0.35 each.

The Minnesota Historical Society participates in Interlibrary Loan on a limited basis as the collections are considered to be reference material.

Microfilm may be loaned for t hree weeks from the date items are received by the borrowing institution for $3.00 per reel plus $2.50 handling for each order.

Technology. People. Imagination.

If you are designing or building REST APIs, you should be aware of two very important properties of HTTP methods: idempotency and safety . These properties are defined in the HTTP specification . I’m calling them properties, but ‘ guarantees’ would be a better term: you don’t automatically get them; you actually need to design for these guarantees because your clients expect you to follow the contract. Let’s get the definitions out of the way first and then we’ll look at the contract and why it’s important to stick to it.

idempotency and safety guarantees’

An operation is idempotent if it will produce the same results when executed once or multiple times . For example, it doesn’t matter how many times I submit a request to set my current location to ‘San Francisco’. The final outcome will be the same: the city field in the database is set to ‘San Francisco’. On the other hand, a request to POST a new message to the forum is not idempotent : the same message will be stored or sent multiple times if the client. Some people, wrongly, assume that for a request to be idempotent, the same response must be sent back to the client each time: idempotency has nothing to do with the response that’s sent back to the client. It’s a server side guarantee ensuring that the state of the resource on the server does not change any further after the first request, no matter how many times the request is duplicated.

idempotent if it will produce the same results when executed once or multiple times state of the resource on the server

Some idempotent operations have an additional, special property : they do not modify the state on the server side at all. Simply put, these methods are read-only and have absolutely zero side-effects. For example, a query to retrieve my current city doesn’t change the database. These types of operations are given a special name: safe or nullipotent methods :

nullipotent methods

Related is the idea of nullipotence: a function is nullipotent if not calling it at all has the same side effects as calling it once or more . In practice, this simply means that the function doesn’t have any side effects at all. A database query saying “get row 42” is a good example. Nullipotence is clearly a stronger condition than idempotence.

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