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static composition dynamic composition

You don’t use mixins or HOCs in your render method, which is a key piece of React’s dynamic composition model. When you compose in render , you get to take advantage of the full React lifecycle. This point is subtle, and probably deserves its own blog post at some point in the future, but I digress. 😅


So in summary: using a HOC with ES6 classes poses many of the same problems that mixins did with createClass , just re-arranged a bit .

using a HOC with ES6 classes poses many of the same problems that mixins did with createClass , just re-arranged a bit

Welcome to the new mixins! 🤗

In addition to these drawbacks, HOCs introduce a lot of ceremony due to the fact that they wrap components and create new onesinstead of being mixed in to existing components. The component that is returned from the HOC needs to act as similarly as it can to the component that it wraps (it should take the same props, etc.) This fact alone requires a lot of boilerplate code just to build a robust HOC.

HOCs introduce a lot of ceremony

You can see a good example of what I’m talking about in withRouter that ships with React Router . The prop passing , the nike air max 90 white 37 5
, the hoisting of the wrapped component’s static properties , and other things are all part of the dance you need to do if you’re going to ship a HOC with your React library.

There is another technique for sharing code that avoids the drawbacks of mixins and HOCs. At React Training , we call this technique “Render Props”.

The first time I ever saw a render prop was in Cheng Lou ’s talk on react-motion at React Europe where he talked about the <Motion children> API that they were using to share interpolated animation values with the parent component. If I had to try and define it, I’d say something like this:

More generally speaking, the idea is this: instead of “mixing in” or decorating a component to share behavior, just render a regular component with a function prop that it can use to share some state with you .

Therefore, the European research project DESSIN has demonstrated local treatment solutions for the overflow from CSOs, which are demonstrated in this video . Click to read more

At the end of November the DESSIN project members met in Brussels, Belgium for their final conference. The event was embedded in a joint workshop with the WssTP working groups on Ecosystem Services and Green Infrastructure.

The scope of the workshop was to underline how Ecosystem Services (ESS), Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and Hybrid Grey-Green Infrastructure (HGGI) best practices, approach and methodologies can contribute to innovation in the water sector and help tackle water-related challenges, such as water quality and water scarcity. Three dedicated sessions highlighted experiences on implementation, success stories and success factors, as well as barriers to implementation and how they can be overcome. Also discussed were possible ways forwards for scaling up and market uptake, actions to be taken and implications for future European innovation activities in the field. nike air max 7000

The DESSIN project is coming to an end and it is a pleasure for us to present our last newsletter to you. It contains an article about our demo site in Norway, Hoffselva, and an interview with the Hoffselva project leader Herman Helness. Futhermore, you can read about DESSIN’s participation at the EIP Water Conference in Porto and the first Ecosystem Services (ESS) tool presentation. The ESS tool is explained in detail, especially focusing on the monitoring and evaluation system for market entry. Last, but not least, our final event, a joint workshop with WssTP on the 28 th of November dealing with Ecosystem Services (ESS), Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and Hybrid Grey-Green Infrastructure (HGGI) is introduced. To download and read the newsletter, please nike free run 3 womens outlet
If you would like to register for our final event you can find more nike free run 20 schwarz damen mis
and nike air max 90 white black ticks

On 28 November 2017 the final DESSIN event will take place in Brussels, Belgium. Together, the WssTP Working Groups on Ecosystem Services and Green Infrastructure and the EU-funded DESSIN project will organise the half-day workshop, back-to-back with the annual Water Knowledge Europe brokerage event of the WssTP on the 29th and 30th November. The workshop will deal with Ecosystem Services (ESS), Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and Hybrid Grey-Green Infrastructure (HGGI).

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