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In the preceding scenario, the Ice run time cannot safely re-send the failed request because doing so might end up executing the operation in the server a second time.

If you mark an operation as idempotent, the Ice run time relaxes its conservative rules and is more aggressive in trying to recover from transient errors. In particular, for the preceding scenario, if the operation is idempotent, the run time will attempt to re-establish the lost connection and send the request a second time before propagating any error to the application because idempotent tells the run time that is safe to do so.

All this means that, if you use idempotent where appropriate, you have a better chance for the Ice run time to transparently recover from errors that, otherwise, you would have to deal with yourself. So, it pays to use idempotent on operations for which it is appropriate. In general, these are all operations that only read data in the server, but do not modify it, such as get operations, and set operations that do not operate on previous state. (Such operations are also known as stateless or context-free operations.)

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are never idempotent, even though they look like they are. The reason is that, if the client loses connectivity to the server at the wrong moment, the client can draw false conclusions about the existence of an object.

Also note that, even if an operation's signature suggests that it is idempotent as far as the client is concerned, the operation may not be idempotent in the server. This usually is the case if you have an operation that reads data in the server in order to return it to the client, but also updates state in the server as a side-effect, for example, to update a statistics counter. In that case (at least if you care about accurate statistics), you should not mark the operation as idempotent. (This is the same as the difference between logical const-ness and physical const-ness in C++; you must decide which is appropriate and implement the operation accordingly.)

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Table of Contents

This chapter is a work in progress

The Maven plugin adds support for deploying artifacts to Maven repositories.

To use the Maven plugin, include the following in your build script:

Example: Using the Maven plugin


The Maven plugin defines the following tasks:

Maven plugin - tasks

The Maven plugin does not define any dependency configurations.

The Maven plugin defines the following convention properties:

Maven plugin - properties

These properties are provided by a MavenPluginConvention convention object.

The maven plugin provides a factory method for creating a POM. This is useful if you need a POM without the context of uploading to a Maven repo.

Example: Creating a standalone pom.

Amongst other things, Gradle supports the same builder syntax as polyglot Maven. To learn more about the Gradle Maven POM object, see MavenPom . See also: nike roshe run mango v3rmillion

With Gradle you can deploy to remote Maven repositories or install to your local Maven repository. This includes all Maven metadata manipulation and works also for Maven snapshots. In fact, Gradle’s deployment is 100 percent Maven compatible as we use the native Maven Ant tasks under the hood.

Deploying to a Maven repository is only half the fun if you don’t have a POM. Fortunately Gradle can generate this POM for you using the dependency information it has.

Let’s assume your project produces just the default jar file. Now you want to deploy this jar file to a remote Maven repository.

Example: Upload of file to remote Maven repository

That is all. Calling the uploadArchives task will generate the POM and deploys the artifact and the POM to the specified repository.

There is more work to do if you need support for protocols other than file . In this case the native Maven code we delegate to needs additional libraries. Which libraries are needed depends on what protocol you plan to use. The available protocols and the corresponding libraries are listed in Table (those libraries have transitive dependencies which have transitive dependencies). [ nike roshe run sneaker boot leather mirror
For example, to use the ssh protocol you can do:

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