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Auditing is the on-site verification activity, such as inspection or examination, of a process or quality system , to ensure compliance to requirements. An audit can apply to an entire organization or might be specific to a function, process, or production step. Find more information in the video, The How and Why of Auditing .

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, an audit is a “systematic, independent and documented process for obtaining audit evidence [records, statements of fact or other information which are relevant and verifiable] and evaluating it objectively to determine the extent to which the audit criteria [set of policies, procedures or requirements] are fulfilled.” Several audit methods may be employed to achieve the audit purpose.

There are three discrete types of audits: product (which includes services), process, and system. However, other methods, such as a desk or document review audit, may be employed independently or in support of the three general types of audits.

Some audits are named according to their purpose or scope. The scope of a department or function audit is a particular department or function. The purpose of a management audit relates to management interests such as assessment of area performance or efficiency.

An audit may also be classified as internal or external, depending on the interrelationships among participants. Internal audits are performed by employees of your organization. External audits are performed by an outside agent. Internal audits are often referred to as first-party audits, while external audits can be either second-party, or third-party.

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Product audit Process audit System audit quality management system audit environmental system audit food safety system audit safety system audits first-party audit second-party audit third-party audit

An auditor may specialize in types of audits based on the audit purpose, such as to verify compliance, conformance, or performance. Some audits have special administrative purposes such as auditing documents, risk, or performance or following up on completed corrective actions.

Query idempotence

A query is idempotent if it can be applied multiple times without changing the result of the initial application. For example:

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and speculative query executions . The driver will bypass those features if the Statement#isIdempotent() flag is set to false , to ensure that the statement does not get executed more than once.

In most cases, you must set that flag manually. The driver does not parse query strings, so it can’t infer it automatically (except for statements coming from the query builder, see below).

Statements start out as non-idempotent by default. You can override the flag on each statement:

The default is also configurable: if you want all statements to start out as idempotent, do this:

Any statement on which you didn’t call setIdempotent gets this default value.

Bound statements inherit the flag from the prepared statement they were created from:

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DSL tries to infer the isIdempotent flag on the statements it generates. The following statements will be marked non-idempotent :


counter updates:

prepend, append or deletion operations on lists:

queries that insert the result of a function call or a “raw” string in a column (or as an element in a collection column):

This is a conservative approach, since the driver can’t guess whether a function is idempotent, or what a raw string contains. It might yield false negatives, that you’ll have to fix manually.

lightweight transactions (see the next section for a detailed explanation):

If these rules produce a false negative, you can manually override the flag on the built statement:

As explained in the previous section, the query builder considers lightweight transactions as non-idempotent. This might sound counter-intuitive, as these queries can sometimes be safe to execute multiple times. For example, consider the following query:

If we execute it twice, the IF condition will fail the second time, so the second execution will do nothing and v will still have the value 4.

However, the problem appears when we consider multiple clients executing the query with retries:

One important aspect of lightweight transactions is linearizability : given a set of concurrent operations on a column from different clients, there must be a way to reorder them to yield a sequential history that is correct. From our clients’ point of view, there were two operations:

While we continue to adjust to our newly acclimated residents and sudden population increase, our doors will remain closed – for now.

But rest assured, those doors will reopen in the near future. Keep watching this page for details.

What is Penumbra?

Tucked away in a private enclosure in Central Florida, PENUMBRA is an independent thriving society with members spanning multiple generations. Our members come from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, among them are former doctors, engineers, priests, lawyers, construction workers, and teachers.

We are transforming lives with stress-free, no anxiety living. Structurally sound from its founding principles to its foundation and walls, PENUMBRA offers you a chance to do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Read on to discover why joining PENUMBRA is right for you.




PENUMBRA was created on the fundamental notion that the tension that arises between the individual and the community is not essential, but artificial. Previous attempts to create the perfect society have failed, leading to tyrannies of the most barbaric nature. They did not properly respect the higher qualities of human nature. In PENUMBRA, your path towards self-actualization will run parallel to the actualization of the community as a whole.

But what does this practically mean for you ? Simply, you will be entering the first fully functional, totally harmonious society in the history of mankind.



Our proven Acclimation Process makes entry to PENUMBRA both easy and natural.


You will find yourself in a diverse community of like-minded individuals, all eager to help you make your individual journey.


PENUMBRA is self-sustaining and free from the material and spiritual insecurities of the outside world.


In PENUMBRA, members are able to find work that will nourish their soul rather than their checkbook.


A state-of-the-art monitoring system serves to ensure the physical safety of every member in PENUMBRA.

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Who is K. Alexander?

Former St. Louis Officer Jason Stockley

ST. LOUIS – A federal judge is reconsidering whether to reopen a previously settled wrongful death suit against a former St. Louis police officer.

On December 20, 2011, Jason Stockley shot and killed Anthony Lamar Smith, 24, at West Florissant and Acme after a mile-long chase through the area.

Stockley was eventually charged with murder in the case. He was acquitted on September 15, 2017 .

Smith’s family filed a civil suit against the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department before the murder trial began. The family settled the case out of court for $900,000.

The federal judge is now weighing the option to reopen the case because he said the attorney for Smith’s family did not have access to DNA evidence at the time, our news partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported .

Earlier Wednesday, it was reported that the judge had, in fact, reopened the case. However, the Clerk of Court at the US District Court in downtown St. Louis released a statement Wednesday afternoon, clarifying that judge was only considering such action.

Dear All:

I am writing you due to your interest in reporting on the above-styled case. I am including appropriate and current information on the case. You may wish to check this information against any previous reports you have issued. Please contact me if you have further questions.

On March 27, 2018, the Court held a telephone conference with counsel of record regarding a pending Motion to Reopen Case/Motion for Sanctions/Motion for Order to Show Cause [ECF No. 104]. Although a motion is pending in the case, the case remains closed. The Court has permitted counsel of record additional time to provide the Court with a scheduling plan relating to the pending matters. That plan is due on April 3, 2018. A formal hearing is not scheduled before the Court on that date.


Gregory J. Linhares Clerk of Court United States District Court – Eastern Missouri

During the criminal trial, prosecutors alleged that Officer Stockley shot into Smith’s car at Riverview and Thekla in St. Louis then he and his partner, who was driving the SUV, chased Smith at speeds over 80 miles per hour. During the pursuit, the defendant is heard on an internal police car video saying “Going to kill this m/f, don’t you know it.”

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Become a member of our Board of Directors, and contribute to the improvement of health services in French.

Become a voting member of and tell us about your needs and priorities to improve your quality of life and that of your fellow citizen.

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